I absolutley love pink and purple ok Teenage Randomness
  1. Teenage Randomness turned 1 today!
    NO WAY

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    tv shows and movies that make the hot girl secretly really smart make me so mad like they want everyone to be surprised. here’s a surprise. i’m delivering bees straight to your door 

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  3. Ai where anna iistead of being shot by Elsa's magic just falls and breaks a legs/arm idk. What do you think would happen after that?


    There was no modern medicine back then so breaking an arm or leg would have left Anna without being able to use either her arm or leg well. Let’s just say that she trips and falls on soft snow…. 

    I think Elsa wouldn’t have been so scared to hurt Anna because she would be fine. She would have must likely brushed off the snow on her dress and kept playing because that’s how kids are. I don’t think their relationship would have been so broken. 


    ooooh thats easy

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    "my parents warned me about the drugs in the streets but never the ones with hazel eyes and a heartbeat"

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